WILA8 workshop 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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The Eighth Annual Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA 8)

The Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas, now in its eigth year, focuses on both formal and sociolinguistic approaches to language context situations, especially in heritage language communities (naturally acquired languages spoken in a community where it is not the majority variety). The workshop covers topics from anthropological linguistics, general linguistics, historical linguistics, language documentation and sociolinguistics.

Local organizers

Karoline Kühl, Jan Heegård Petersen, Gert Foget Hansen and Frans Gregersen.


Thursday, October 12, 2017 to Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Plenary speaker

Aneta Pavlenko

Call for papers - deadline has been extended

We invite abstracts for 30-minute presentations (20 minutes + 10 minutes for questions) and for poster presentations on any aspect of the linguistics of heritage languages in the Americas (e.g., structural, generative, historical, sociolinguistic, or experimental). Due to generous support by the A. P. Møller Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation and the University of Copenhagen, there will be no conference fee.

Abstracts might be submitted for oral presentation or for poster presentation: In both cases, abstracts should be no more than 800 words in length, including diagrams, charts, and references.

Extended deadline for submission of abstract

June 9, 2017. Decisions on acceptance will be announced in July.


The abstract itself should be anonymous, while the accompanying email should contain author information and title. Abstract and email should be addressed to wila8@hum.ku.dk.

Publication of selected proceedings

We plan to publish a volume of selected workshop proceedings which will include 10-12 relatively short papers (ca. 4000 words, published probably by Cascadilla Press). Our goal is to publish the volume soon after the workshop. In order to be able to do so, we ask those who are interested in this option to plan their publication so that they are able to submit a paper by November 12, 2017. 

All submitted papers will undergo peer review. Due to generous support by our host department, Department of Nordic Languages and Linguistics at the University of Copenhagen, there will be no publication fee.


Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir University of Iceland
Joshua Bousquette University of Georgia
Angela Hoffman Uppsala University
Chad Howe University of Georgia
Janne Bondi Johannessen University of Oslo
Michael Putnam Penn State University
Joseph Salmons  University of Wisconsin-Madison

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